Google Certified

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Google Certified

The purpose of SEO is to get your site ranked to the top of the search results for relevant terms. While there are a number of websites, in reality only one counts: Google. It is important therefore to ensure you use the services of someone who knows Google well. Someone who is Google Certified.


Google certification is an involved process that requires studying information provided by Google about Google. Each module involves a 90-120 minute exam which is administered by Google themselves. You need to pass a minimum of 2 exams to gain certification.

The specialist exam which we recently completed goes further. For this all 6 modules had to be completed and passed successfully in a  limited time. As you can see this was completed successfully.


Why Is Google Certification Important?

Google are very protective of their search results. They are continuously on the look-out for anyone who tries to achieve a ranking in an underhand way. Of course with such a large entity as the Internet Google are not always on top of the manipulation straight away and this is why some “SEO experts” can rank a site quickly. But this is always at the cost of long-term damage as Google will and do find such schemes in the end.

It is important therefore to know that the people you entrust with your business know what is and is not allowed. We can ensure that not only will you get ranked but that the ranking will remain. This is the security a certification can provide you.