On-Site Optimisation

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On-Site Optimisation

The core of SEO is the optimisation of our website. If you’re not focused on SEO then it is probably that your website is far from ideal when it comes to providing information to Google and the other Search Engines. Our on-site optimisation fixes that and has the side-benefit of making the site more likely to appeal to potential visitors.

Onsite Optimisation covers  orange of factors that affect rankings. These are technical and user-facing.

Technical issues include the correct Titles and Descriptions, Alt-text attached to all images, ensuring images are geo-tagged etc. It also includes implementing technologies such as AMP, SSL and Schema correctly.

The aim of on-site optimisation is to make it unambiguously clear to Google what your site and each page is about. But it is also involves making sure that potential clients both click through to the site and find what they are looking for. These are additional factors that Google takes into account when deciding where to place your site in the results. So correct optimisation makes the site look attractive in the ranks and makes the site itself easy to navigate for the visitor.