SEO Discovery Form

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SEO Discovery Form

Before Deciding To Work With Us Please Consider Carefully If SEO Is Right For Your Business!

SEO is a long-term, strategic investment. It does not bring results overnight but, done right, it pays for itself many times over the medium to long term. This means that SEO is not suitable for all businesses. For instance if you need to boost sales next week then traditional advertising is probably better for you.



Having said that, if you are sure that you want to invest in ranking on the first page of Google, we have criteria on the type of clients we work with.

We Only Work With Clients That:

  • Have an established business or service. Our services are for companies that are ready to take their current operations to the next level.
  • Have a consistent and steady stream of leads and customers. Your business is getting some traffic either through your website, ads, commercials, etc. and is already making sales. You don’t have to be everywhere, you just need to have a presence in your market.
  • Have a reputable product or service. Our partnership will not only be bringing you exponential increases in traffic and sales, but it will be done in a way that establishes and creates a strong reputation in your market of goodwill and positive rapport.
  • We DO NOT work with start-ups or companies advertising adult-themed or explicit content.

That’s it! Those are all our requirements.


If you would like to speak with us personally about getting you incredible results, then we will happily set aside some time for you. And in fact we will conduct a full SEO audit free of charge. 

Here’s how the process works: First, you’ll need to fill out the discovery form below.
Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive. We just need to know what you’re selling, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth. And most importantly it will allow us to judge whether our services will be cost-effective for you.

Once we receive the form we’ll painstakingly review it, and then we’ll deliver a custom plan to grow your revenues…based on the exact same process that’s generating business for our clients right now.

Our success is centered on partnering with you. We understand that you have put your life’s blood into your business and we don’t take that lightly. Personal attention is taken in developing a strategy tailored exactly to your situation and goals, executing that strategy and then continuously tracking the minute details that are constantly changing in your market.  This is why we insist on all prospective clients completing the discovery form. Only when we can accurately assess your requirements and expectations can we honestly and realistically determine if we can benefit you.

If you are still sure you want or need our services please complete the form below and we will be back to you within 48-72 working hours.