Special Offer June 2017: Free And Discounted Chatbots

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Special Offer June 2017: Free And Discounted Chatbots

From time to time we like to provide a special offer to our clients. This is one of those months.

Our offers can vary from free services to discounts. They may be one-time events or ongoing actions. Whatever the offer, it is a service we provide to clients on a regular basis. All are related to gaining new customers or increasing sales to existing customers and each offer will increase your business.

Because of the nature of the offers numbers may be limited.




June 2017 Offer: Free Web Chatbot


When visitors come to your website how do you meet them? If you want them to contact you then placing your number on the site and expecting the visitor to call is not enough. You need to be proactive. And one way is with a chatbot.

We are offering a free web chatbot to five winners.

To learn more about this months free offer use our chatbot now. Just click on the speech bubble below to start your conversation…





In addition to the five free website chatbots we are giving away we are also running a significant discount on the regular price of both web and Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Usually a scripted web chatbot is $320. This month we are offering them for just $180.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot normally costs $500 but if ordered in June is just $300!


Numbers are limited though. 


So how does it work? You simply place the order below and we get in touch to understand your needs. These are scripted chatbots designed to present or gather set information . They cannot dynamically display information from external sources but they are excellent ways of interacting with visitors to your site and gathering data. All data they gather is immediately emailed to you.

We will work with you to perfect the script and minor tweaks are allowed for the first month of operation.

The Facebook Messenger chatbots work exactly as the web one but you need to have a business page which we can link it in to.

We have a maximum of 75 of each type of bot available.

You can order one or both type of chatbot as long as numbers are available. If you also enter the competition and win we will refund the price you have paid. If you don’t win you still get this significant discount. Prices will return to normal in July and we are even considering charging a monthly fee for these, though that has yet to be finally decided.




Competition Rules

  • Entrant name and email must be provided to the chatbot.
  • One entry per person/business. Any double entries will be disqualified.
  • Entries must be made before the timer counts to zero.
  • Selection of winners is random.
  • Should we be unable to contact a winner in a reasonable time we will select a replacement.
  • Anyone who wins the competition having also taken advantage of the discount purchase for a web chatbot will have the purchase price of the web chatbot refunded. This does not apply to the Facebook Messenger option.